Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Phrases

Phrasal Verbs | Prepositional Phrases
Read Carefully these sentences given below.

1. When do you get up ?

2. The meeting was put off ?

3. I must be off.

4. He always looks up to his teachers.

Inside the above given sentences, you're looking a few underlined words ( rise up, put off, Be off, appears up ) . Those are Phrasal Verbs.

Phrasal Verbs is the combination of Verb + Adverbial Particle.

e.g. Get + up
      Look + up
       Be + off
       Put + off
List of phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases

Adverbial Particles are similar to Preposition. But actually these are Adverbs. Adverbial Particles have no its own meaning But Prepositions have its own meaning and it has object also.

To make Phrasal Verbs, following Adverbial Particles are used.






















Phrasal Verbs are Often used in modern English. Here are some phrasal Verbs you must preserve remembering.
phrasal verbs list with meaning

1. Be off
I must be off.

2. Back out
peter promised to help Jack but he backed out.

3. Break out (start suddenly)
A fire broke out during the night.

4. Break up 
When does the college break up ?

5. Break down
His health broke down.

6. Clear away
The clouds have cleared away.

7. Clear up (finish a piece of work)
Clear up your task before you leave.

8. Clear off (go away)
Clear off quickly, i am busy.

9. Come off (take place)
When will the commentary come off ?

10. Come down
The prices of vegetables and fruits will come down.

11. Drop off
I have to drop my friend off at work before i come over.

12. Drop out
He dropped out of Mathematics because it was too difficult.

13. Drop in (come without an appointment)
He might drop in for coffee sometime this week.

14. Die out
Many old customs are dying out.

15. Die down (become weak)
The fire died down

16. Dress up (wear nice clothing)
It's a fancy restaurant so we have dressed up.

17. End up
He ended up spending the night in the bar.

18. Fall in
The roof fell in.

19. Fall out (quarrel)
Do not Fall out with anyone.

20. Fall through (fail)
All my plans fell through.

21. Get out (be out)
You get out from here.

22. Get up (rise)
What time do you get up in the morning ?

23. Get through
he failed in the 10th examination but he got through.

24. Get in (arrive)
What time does your bus get in ?

25. Get back (return)
when did you get back ?

26. Go away (leave)
Go away with your luggage.

27. Go back (return)
She will go back soon.

28. Go on (continue)
Admission is going on.

29. Go off (be fired)
Accidentally the gun went off.

30. Go out (no longer burn)
The Jaundice has gone out.

31. Go up (increase)
The prices of vegetables and fruits are going up day by day.

32. Let out (allow to go)
She let the oil out in the pan.

33. Let off (allow to go free)
I let him off with a fine.

34. Let down (lower)
He let down his hair.

35. Look in (make a short visit)
Will you look in when you are there ?

36. Look up (search for)
What are you looking up ?

37. Look out (be careful)
Go there and look out for Jack.

38. Let in (allow to enter)
Will he let me in ?

39. Look through (glance through)
He looked through the book.

40. Look up to (respect)
We always look up to our parents.

41. Make up (complete, settle a dispute)
I need Rs. 100 to make up the required Amount.
It's no good quarreling, So they they have made it up now.

42. Make off (run away)
The robber tried to make off, but he was caught.

43. Make over (transfer)
He has made over his land to his daughter.

44. Pick up (lift up, find, regain)
The train stopped to pick up passengers.

45. Pull up (cause to stop)
He pulled up his bike at the gate.

46. Put away
Put it away. Put your pen away.

47. Put back (replace)
Put your books back on the rack.

48. Put out
Put out the candles.

49. Run down (stop working, speak against, become weak)
The voltage stabilizer has run down.
Why are you always running him down ?

50. Run off (go away in a hurry)
The robber ran off when the villagers challenged.

51. Run out (come to an end)
His patience is running out.

52. Set off (begin a journey)
What time will you set off ?

53. Set in (begin)
Spring has set in.

54. Set out (start a journey)
We will set out for Mumbai.

55. Take after (resemble)

56. Take back (withdraw)

57. Take down (write down, note down)
Take it down what i am saying.

58. Take away (remove)
Take this mobile away.

59. Take off (begin a journey by air)
He will take off at 9 o' clock.

60. Take over (become responsible for something)
Take over your task.

61. Take up ( This train takes up too much time.

62. Turn down (refuse)
He turned down my application.

63. Turn off (stop the flow of)
Turn off the T.V.

64. Turn up (arrive)
I promise you, I will turn up on time.

65. Work out
Let him work out this issue.

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositinal phrases list

Read this sentences carefully :-

1. There is a temple in front of my house.

2. He is at home in Physics.

3. He couldn't go there because of rain.

Bold typed Phrases in front of, at home in and because of are group of words, which work as Preposition. All group of words last word is a Preposition. These are called Prepositional Phrases.

A few important Prepositional phrases.You need to attempt to use those Prepositional phrases.

1. At the top of

2. At home in

3. As to

4. Because of

5. By the side of

6. By means of

7. By dint of

8. By means of

9. For the sake of

10. By virtue of

11. For fear of

12. For the sake of

13. For want of

14. For the purpose of

15. In connection with

16. In accordance with

17. In case of

18. In front of

19. In honour of

20. In favour of

21. In lieu of

22. In spite of

23. Instead of

24. In order to

25. On account of

26. On the part of

27. On the brink of

28. On the ground of

29. On the point of

30. With reference to

Try to use these phrasal verbs and Prepositional Phrases.

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